Thursday, January 27, 2011

Instant Face-lift for Your Droopery... I mean, Drapery

I've always liked our bedroom drapes, but they have a droopiness that coupled with how much window they covered made the whole room rather cave-like, instead of the dreamy, graceful retreat I wanted. No matter how sunny it was outside, our room was always cloudy. So....

I took the rods off the window frame and lifted them up 6 or 8 inches to create the illusion that our windows were bigger and to let in more light. Also, I widened the coverage of the rods so that we could push the curtains further out of the way of the windows when we opened them. Voila! More light, more elegance, less cave, less dreariness... and our window suddenly looks huge.  Hey, who knew we had neighbors across the street!?


Glad we got this fixed.