Monday, April 15, 2013

New in Campbellstown - kitchen shelves

Every gal has her dream kitchen glittering somewhere in her mind - posh appliances, perfect cabinets, gorgeous dishes, miles of counter space, happy colors or maybe all white... My dream kitchen, you'll see if you follow me on pinterest (Campbellstown), is something like "cottage clutter" with wood floors, a pie safe, heaps of white ironstone, a spiral staircase, fireplace, apron front sink, and shelving instead of cabinets.
All three pics via Pinterest

My for realz kitchen (seen in this post), is home to an army of cabinets. I'm grateful for them, since we don't have a pantry (c'mon architect, seriously?), but shelves has been my dream for a long time. So finally this past week, I took down my family photo board and drilled in these babies!

I found an old plank underneath our shed, cut it in half, sanded down the edges, and bracketed it to the wall. It's perfectly sized too! My fav part are the mug hooks, which you can easily find at Lowes for a couple bucks. The shelf brackets cost $6 each, mug hooks were $3, so this whole happy project took less than $30 and less than 30min - my kind of DIY! Now my bright kitchen looks a little more like my dream kitchen. Thank you, Lord, for free wood, and free time!