Monday, December 12, 2011

Silk Flower Craft (and selling them at Beaucoup Vintage)

after reading this kewl tutorial from the simply vintage girl, i've been whippin' out a lotta these lately...

i got so many compliments and people asking if i sell them, that i decided to try just that. so i made this adorbs (if i do say so myself, and i do) display....
 went downtown to an also adorable and girly little store called Beaucoup Vintage.... and Megan (the shop gal) loved 'em!

Here they are selling out fast! I've already had to restock 'em twice since October.

i was so inspired by my happy luck, that i also decided to open up an etsy shop. (see Em sell here)

try the tutorial yourself! it was so easy and fun. hot tip: go to joann fabrics and ask for a sample of the silk fabrics you find (anything with "silky" in the title or satin) for this craft and they will give 'em to you for free! (up to five 4in wide strips) a free, fun, feminine, flower craft? yes, please.