Saturday, January 14, 2012

Latest Strokes

over december i've been painting a lot. i'm still not much good at it, but i'm learning and having fun, so yay me. : ) this one i made for my father-in-law for christmas. i'm not in love with this one, but it made him happy, so it was worth it.

this is actually an old one i dug up recently. painted a silhouette on my diaper bag.

my mama loves red, so...

and i made this wash-style for an online art initiative i'm enrolled in that puts up a new project each month to keep us "part-time artists" building our portfolios. check it out and join in with the Racquet here. this past month's posted project idea was to communicate the relationship between opposites. i chose the opposites light and dark, and fear and calm and tried to create those feelings in the water and woods of this piece. 


  1. SOOO jealous of your strokes! Fantastic!

  2. oh dear me Looove the top one my friend. What's funny is I was going through all the posts in my google reader, and like most of the time, I click on something before I know whose blog I'm going to. When I saw the first painting I thought 'Hmm, that looks like an Emily!'