Sunday, August 14, 2011

Restyled Combat Boots

recently, I found these light combat-style boots at khols for $7 (i know!) and loved how they contrasted with the mini dress i was wearing, but they were just a touch too blah for me.

so, using some vintage fabric from my ma-in-law, i glued on some fla-va. below: eva helping me decide on placement.

i really like where things were going, but we just weren't "there" yet...

i realized the flowery additions weren't blending well in their new rougher habitat, so out came an old bristle brush and everything got a good scrub to fray those edges. perfect imperfection.

 ahhh.... much better............. tigeress agrees. (i think eva left her on the table?)

coming along nicely! yes, yes, the laces are missing... during my "blending" session with the bristle brush...

... i tossed the laces into some coffee to make them less matchy-matchy and deepen the brown, giving them an aged look. yeeeeah, unfortunately this had no effect. (what the pooh, right?) so it was on to plan b.

i slapped some deep espresso paint onto them and let them dry half-way then risnsed 'em. and this time...

... i got that dirtied/aged look i wanted. it's kinda hard to see below, but, trust me, it's there.
i'm looking forward to fall weather so i can wear these with sweaters and my jean mini and one of my signiture looks : knee socks.