Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thrift Score: All for $10!

check it divas...

i got all you see here for only $10! mm, hmm, you read me right, $10 for this score! let's inventory, shall we?
2 brand new flannel snowflake pillow cases
6 vintage look-a-like tulip napkins
1 giant embroidery hoop
1 stuffed paper bag filled with craft supplies - hoops, fabric, thread, yarns, picture frames, foam, etc.
1 vintage floral platter
1 light bright game
1 pair open-toe garden clogs (they're hiding)
1 pair real leather cowboy boots for the huz
1 kitty cat park play set (i'll explain)
and 1 wonky adorable lamp

impressed? yeah, i was pretty thrilled ma'self. you see, my man gave me $10 to "go have fun" thrifting for the afternoon, and i took that and added to it my own $15 of fun money and began the hunt. (i adore thrifting) after 2 hours and $25 were spent, ("hey!" you say, "i thot you said $10 before." i did. quit interrupting and read on.) i had all the items listed above, plus another pair of authentic leather cowboy boots. i took them downtown to mike, an owner of one of our local vintage stores and sold 'em to him for $15. bam.

napkins, pillow cases,  garden clogs, and purty platter

sorry cat people, but i really hate dislike cats. however, if they come in a non-shedding, tiny form that has the ability to entertain my toddler on the long drive to the beach - i like cats.

the restyling of this kooky light will be coming up in a future post.

so there's ma thrift score, mamas. now, hear me this: this sport ain't for the faint-hearted, y'all. if you don't like hunting through mildewy posters for vintage art, scavenging amidst dusty fabric scraps for hand-made surprises, groping in bins of worn shoes for that muddy pair of boots at the bottom, fearlessly haggling down $1 or $20, and maybe even elbow-fighting for your spot digging through the bacteria-ridden children's toys (back-off, Nana! my little girl's scorin' that doctor's kit this round!), then stay home, pansies. but if you're up for the dirt, the disorder, the smells, meeting and being in close quarters with the 'salt of the earth,' taking risks on possibly-broken-beyond-repair and likely-to-never-get-that-stain-out "treasures," then saddle-up with me, girlfriends. 

those of you who know me well, know that i'm a total germaphobe. i won't eat something if there's a pin hole poke in the bag. i disinfect me keys, phone, remote controls, and steering wheel monthly...sometimes weekly. but when it comes to thrift store shoppin' - i'm a different woman. why? answer's simple, as you can see above, you can completely score! adam's boots were 50 cents, honnys! 50 cents! one day thrifting will be a sport, and when that day comes, you might wanna pick me for your team. i'm jus' sayin'...

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