Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tattered Tee Tutorial

and now, y'all, an easy-peasy tshirt restyle. i got this t at Good Will for a couple bucks and liked the fabric, but not the plain, semi-unflattering fit, so, inspired by Pinterest ideas, i decided to rip 'er up - nicely. if you'd like to give it a try, follow the steps below. note: make sure the shirt you choose is made of a fabric that won't fray (like jersey cotton or fleece) - unless that is the look you want, of course.

1. draw the pattern you want. i chose to make dash marks with a washable marker and cut slits, but you could cut small circles or make Xs, just keep in mind that the holes will stretch with wear and wash, so cut them slightly smaller than you want them to look.

2. cut the slits/holes.

(i also chose to chop off one sleeve and the collar.)

3. giver 'er a tug to stretch out the holes.

4. show 'er off. that's it!

i realize now that with the color of the tank i wore underneath, i ended up looking rather like Baby Bop in these shots. i trust you all to make better choices than i.

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